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Tinnitus Talk Podcast

In Search of a Tinnitus Cure — Dr. Josef Rauschecker

A New Podcast on All Things Tinnitus

We just launched the Tinnitus Talk podcast! In our inaugural episode, we interview Dr. Rauschecker about his own tinnitus, how tinnitus works in the brain, the quest for a cure, and funding obstacles.

More Episodes in the Pipeline

Our podcast series will entail a mix of interviews with experts, patient stories, and other original content. We are aiming to put out a special episode for Tinnitus Week, so stay tuned!

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Neuromod Q&A

Neuromod is bringing a new bimodal stimulation device to market in 2019. We went to Ireland and organized a thorough video Q&A with them.

Watch Neuromod Q&A
Reflections on Tinnitus Research

Steve Harrison (Tinnitus Hub) and David Stockdale (British Tinnitus Association) talk about the status quo of tinnitus research and their personal views.

Watch Reflections on Tinnitus Research

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What we’re doing during Tinnitus Week

We plan to release little "nuggets" of insight about tinnitus, its isolating effects, and the significant impact it can have on people's lives.

These nuggets will be taken from surveys we conducted over the past years amongst thousands of tinnitus patients. You can download here the results of one of our surveys, on the social impacts of tinnitus.

Each day, we will release a different piece of insight, and invite everyone to discuss it on the Tinnitus Talk forum. On some days, we will supplement our message with a story from one of our Tinnitus Talk members.

Of course, we hope you will all help out by sharing as much content as possible!

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